Nurturing the green shoots of economic success

Nurturing the green shoots of economic success

BGF (Business Growth Fund) is the UK’s most active provider of growth capital to small and mid-sized businesses.

Founded in 2011, it is an independent and commercial investor, backed with £2.5 billion by five UK banks. Pagefield began working with BGF in 2015 to raise its profile among potential investees and the broader business community, through targeted media relations and campaigns across national, regional and trade media.

Our work focusses on finding new ways to tell the BGF story through the companies it invests in and its people on the ground across the country. We run a hard-working press office; ensuring news and announcements of new investments generate maximum impact, while spotting opportunities to place features, profiles, commentary and opinion pieces.

We have also built strong relationships with local business correspondents, trade and sector press and national business and enterprise journalists across print, online and broadcast outlets through a full programme of briefings. Developing a new thought leadership platform and point-of-view for BGF has been central to our work, which led to the birth of the Growth Climate Index, an ongoing indicator of business confidence and attitudes based on the opinions of senior business leaders that make up BGF’s Talent Network.

Highlights so far include securing high-quality coverage in the Financial Times, The Sunday Times, Telegraph, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard, City AM and the business interview on BBC Radio 4 Today programme, as well as a wide spread of coverage across regional and business trade titles.