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Preparing for take-off

Preparing for take-off

We worked for Heathrow on a project basis, supporting the external communications team on the redevelopment of Terminal 2.

At a cost of £2.5bn, the construction of the new terminal was one of the largest privately funded construction projects in the British history and represents the latest stage in the £11bn transformation of Heathrow Airport.

Our focus was on crisis preparedness – ensuring that the Terminal 2 team were prepared for any operational failures around the opening.

In addition, we helped Heathrow develop their messaging around the Terminal’s unique retail offering, which included John Lewis’ first airport store and Heston Blumenthal’s first airport restaurant. We also prepared comprehensive media materials; devised presentation materials for Senior Executives and, working with one of our company partners, devised a programme of high profile events to launch the new Terminal – including the Royal Opening on 24 June 2014.