Supporting their bid for recognition in a new market

Supporting their bid for recognition in a new market

For more than 40 years Leidos have been tackling some of the biggest problems that face our world. They bring a mix of innovative technology and sector expertise to customers in national security, engineering, and health.

Leidos approached Pagefield in early 2014 when the company was midway through a corporate rebranding exercise – changing the company from SAIC to the new name of Leidos. At this time, the team was also midway through bidding for a multi-billion pound outsourcing contract to run the Ministry of Defence (MOD) logistics and commodities functions.

Leidos recognised that they were unknown in the UK market – even their previous brand of SAIC was only partly known by certain defence industry specialists in Westminster. Our role was very clearly to achieve better recognition of their new brand and, in so doing, to support them through the bidding process.

The Leidos team came to Pagefield through a referral from another client who had direct experience of our ways of working and our trusted relationships. We initially provided the team with an in-depth analysis of their position in the market and a review of the most important priorities for them to be focussed on during the course of 2014 until the final decision by the MOD.

The year-long campaign focused on the vital importance of building individual and personal relationships that have lasted beyond the contract award – even more important to an American company that is using the successful contract award as the springboard to develop a greater presence in the UK and European markets, both inside and outside of the defence sector.


The campaign that we led for Leidos was centred in the first instance on introducing its senior team to a new audience, and subsequently promoting its distinctive offer, track record and unrivalled expertise. This process helped to establish Leidos’ credibility in Westminster, the media, and other stakeholders in the London defence / foreign affairs community, particularly in the areas of Leidos’ expertise in which it is a proven world leader.

Through direct stakeholder and media engagement, targeted placement of advertising, and partnerships with the likes of The Spectator and RUSI, Pagefield has helped to carefully position Leidos as a proven operator with international experience that is committed to the UK and long-term investment here. Leidos’ profile has been raised quickly – to provide sufficient name recognition to reassure the market – but in a controlled and targeted way.

The core strategy was to establish Team Leidos as a trusted partner to the MOD and to be seen by the wider political and media audience as a safe and trusted pair of hands to manage this important outsourced contract. This strategy was successfully achieved, and the relationship that now exists between Leidos and its customer is exemplary, leaving the company in a strong position to integrate itself further into the UK market.

Our role continues apace, as we continue to work closely with the team to maintain their relationships and build new ones in other parts of UK government, media and industry.