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A Hundred bad ideas? How the ECB can launch its new tournament

17th July 2018

Following the launch of Pagefield Sport, Sam Barnett opens the batting for a new series of sports blogs. Sam considers how the English and Wales Cricket Board could launch ‘The Hundred’, a controversial new tournament set to start play in 2020. Cricket is dying, apparently. Figures show that 58% of Brits find the sport ‘dull […]

Behind the Headlines: Amazon Priming for Premier League promotion?

8th January 2018

Last week saw reports that Amazon is in conversation with the Premier League, with a view to securing broadcast rights for top tier football. The move has raised eyebrows, but it is far from unique. It follows a fragmentation of sports broadcasting rights and, more generally, television viewing habits.

Behind The Headlines: did Coca Cola’s plastic promise fall flat?

17th July 2017

Coca-Cola has been on the receiving end of one of the media’s current cause celebres: plastic packaging. This week the drinks company made a fresh commitment to reduce the environmental impact of its plastic bottles. While some have welcomed the move, others have accused the fizz experts of anaemic ambition. Sam Barnett looks at what’s happened and why Coca-Cola may need to give more than an extra 10%.

Behind The Headlines: United Airlines

12th April 2017

United Airlines has landed in a spot of bother. Its decision to forcibly ‘re-accommodate’ a passenger due to overbooking has caused worldwide uproar, with footage of the brutal removal going viral. Sam Barnett looks at what’s happened and how the approach of an Irish budget airline might offer a better flight path.

Behind the Headlines: Freakish foods fuel Battle Royale

23rd March 2017

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s ‘Farming Today’, Princess Anne has openly backed genetically modified (GM) farming. This risks a royal rift with her brother, Charles, a strident anti-GM activist. The debate goes beyond the Windsors’ breakfast place however, with Brexit throwing the UK’s GM policy into question. Sam Barnett takes as look at the story and the next steps for the GM industry.

Five things we learned: Meet the Editor with Sarah Gordon

8th December 2016

Sarah Gordon, Business Editor at the Financial Times began breakfast by reflecting on her earliest days at the Financial Times, sixteen years ago, when the media world was print-led. Since then, journalism has been transformed as newspapers have moved from broadsheet to browser.

Pagefield PMQs 12/10/16

12th October 2016

In attempts to capitalise on this week’s new found party unity, Corbyn took on May in today’s PMQ’s. Lewis Radstone-Stubbs watched it so you don’t have to.