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Benjamin Winter

Benjamin Winter

Labour Conference 2017: What next for business?

28th September 2017

Returning from a trip to the Brighton seaside Ben Winter looks at what this year’s Labour Conference means for the private sector, and what the next steps for business must be.

Campaign Watch: 19/05/17

19th May 2017

Happy manifesto week! We hope you all got what you wanted…

Ben Winter gives his take on the week’s campaign trail.

PMQs 01/03/2017

1st March 2017

The PM went into the Chamber today bolstered by last week’s by-election win in Copeland – the first time a sitting government in power has taken a seat off the opposition since 1982. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for her to raise the victory, much to the delight of her benches, but the session as a whole certainly wasn’t plain sailing. Ben Winter watches PMQs so you don’t have to.

Behind the Headlines: ‘Fake News’

30th January 2017

It’s an issue that’s been receiving plenty of media attention over recent months, but today it was announced that an official inquiry is being launched by the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee into ‘fake news’. Ben Winter takes a look at the fake news phenomenon, why it’s an issue and asks whose responsibility it is to regulate.

Five Things We Learned: The Morning after the Referendum

24th June 2016

Bringing together a panel of experts, chaired by Daisy McAndrew, which included Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce, Associate Editor at the Daily Mirror Kevin Maguire, Senior Investment Director at Investec Elissa Bayer and Pagefield Advisory Board Chair and former UK Ambassador to the US Sir Christopher Meyer – Pagefield hosted an event to discuss the next steps for Britain as it heads out of the EU.

Behind the Headlines: Britain’s loneliest dog

27th May 2016

News channels and online reporters were falling over themselves yesterday to promote the story of the UK’s loneliest dog. Ben Winter looks at how this clever piece of PR activity has raised the profile of animal rescue centres everywhere. What happened? It’s a news story sure to break your heart. According to the Freshfields Animal […]

Pagefield PMQs 02/03/16

2nd March 2016

Corbyn starts well but struggles to deal with the Prime Minister’s stats game, in another less than inspiring display for the Labour Benches. This week Ben Winter takes a closer look.