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Eleanor Riddles

Eleanor Riddles

Gender Pay Gap: PR exercise or serious business commitment?

6th April 2018

This week, the gender pay gap has dominated news headlines as businesses rush to publish their figures ahead of the Government’s deadline. Now it’s been revealed that, on average, 78% of UK companies pay women less than men Ellie Riddles looks at what’s next for businesses who need to prove they are effectively tackling the […]

Five Golden Rules for handling a cyber-attack

17th May 2017

Cyber attacks were headline news this weekend as the NHS was crippled by a Ransomware attack. So what should do you do if your organisation is hacked? Ellie Riddles explains Pagefield’s five golden rules for handing a cyber attack…

Behind the Headlines: HMD Global goes retro, relaunching the Nokia 3310

3rd March 2017

On Monday we woke to the monophonic sounds of the late 90s, with news that HMD Global had relaunched the Nokia 3310. But does HMD Global think that the handset will sell, or was this a well-executed PR stunt to raise the profile of Nokia’s new range of smart phones? Pagefield’s Ellie Riddles gives her take.

Breakfast with David Bond, Financial Times – Five Things We Learned

7th February 2017

Pagefield recently attended a Connect 3 Club breakfast with David Bond, European Media Correspondent at the Financial Times, chaired by Heidi Mallace of CTN Communications. In wide-ranging discussions about Facebook, fake news and future-gazing, here are five things we gleaned from the session, with Ellie Riddles.

Has Samsung’s reputation also gone up in flames?

13th October 2016

One of the world’s largest smartphone makers, Samsung, has recalled 2.5 million of its latest handset, the Galaxy Note 7. The move has already wiped $20bn off Samsung’s share value and consumer confidence is visibly shaken. Ellie Riddles goes Behind The Headlines to analyse the flames engulfing the electronics giant.

Behind the Headlines: the Late Night Standard

22nd August 2016

London’s night owls were finally able to use the long-awaited Night Tube service this weekend. To celebrate, the London Evening Standard launched a one-off special edition newspaper: ‘Late Night Standard’. Ellie Riddles asks whether this stunt could indicate the beginning of a permanent feature on the Night Tube.