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Joshua Lambkin

Joshua Lambkin

Campaign Watch: 25/05/17

26th May 2017

Sometimes events put politics on hold. Sadly, this week was one of those times. Following the Manchester Arena terrorist attack on Monday, the leaders of the main parties rightly took the decision to suspend campaigning activity until yesterday. Josh Lambkin gives his take on a shortened week of election campaigning.

Local Elections – 5 things we learned

5th May 2017

There are still lots and lots of results to come in but it looks like the overall picture won’t change. Here are the five things we learned from the local elections 2017.

May at the centre

5th October 2016

Today May recast the centre ground. Josh Lambkin took in a very new era for the Conservative Party.

Behind the Headlines: The Andrea Leadsom Interview

12th July 2016

Andrea Leadsom steps aside from the Tory leadership race leaving the way fro Theresa May to become Prime Minister. Josh Lambkin looks at the extent to which one particular headline may have caused this shift in the political landscape.

St Pancras Debates: How can London stay great?

27th April 2016

Last night HS1 Ltd welcomed a panel of experts for the second annual debate at St Pancras International station – this time, the topic for discussion was how London can stay great.

Pagefield PMQs 27/01/16

27th January 2016

Google and a man called “Geoff” were high on the agenda in this week’s PMQs. Josh Lambkin reports.

What if Corbyn wins?

9th September 2015

Josh Lambkin offers his thoughts and predictions on a potentially turbulent five years in Westminster should Jeremy Corbyn triumph on Saturday morning at the announcement of the result of the Labour leadership contest