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Louise Fernley

Louise Fernley

Five things we learned: Meet the Columnist with Philip Collins

7th July 2016

Not many Pagefield breakfast sessions begin with a quote from Lenin, but in light of recent events Philip Collins citing that “there are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen” felt particularly apt. Here are the five things we learned.

Five things we learned: Meet the News Anchor with Jon Snow, Channel 4 News

28th June 2016

“I am Jon Snow, I know nothing.” How the iconic Channel 4 News Presenter chose to introduce himself at this morning’s breakfast may have elicited broad beams of delight from the Game of Thrones fans around the table but – luckily for us – it definitely did not set the tone for the discussion that followed. Here are five things we learned.

Behind the Headlines: No tomorrow for the New Day

5th May 2016

Just nine weeks after the New Day’s launch, the “newspaper for people that don’t like newspapers” has closed, after it failed to get the people that don’t like newspapers to buy a newspaper. Louise Fernley looks at what went wrong.

Behind the Headlines: The New Day is here

29th February 2016

If you missed out on the free inaugural edition of The New Day this morning in your rush to work, never fear. Louise Fernley has been through the latest – bravest – print-only venture from Trinity Mirror.