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Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones

Pagefield PMQs 10/02/16

10th February 2016

Corbyn gets pumped-up about housing this week while Madeleine Moon hides in a darkened room. Here’s Nathan Jones with all the news that’s fit to print.

Pagefield PMQs 13/01/16

13th January 2016

The second PMQs of the year saw Jeremy Corbyn focus on housing policy, in a performance which never quite took off. Nathan Jones reports.

Five things we learnt: The Queen’s Speech

27th May 2015

Nathan Jones reflects on what was our first (albeit heavily trailed) look at how the Tory manifesto will translate into legislation, here are the five things we learnt…

What’s the point of PMQs?

19th November 2014

A despairing Nathan Jones questions whether Prime Minister’s Question time in the House of Commons is fit for purpose

Coalition Wars

19th February 2014

Nathan Jones suggests that the Lib Dems need to do some serious soul-searching if they want to retain their seat at the table in 2015…