Five things we learnt: Lunar Mission One

Five things we learnt: Lunar Mission One

Sara Price

Sara Price has spent three years leading the Lunar Mission One communications team at Pagefield. She tells us the five things that the team has learnt from this amazing and inspiring project which achieved its £600,000 fundraising target on Kickstarter today.


  1. Trust your instincts: in the early days of Lunar Mission One – when we still called it Project Moon – there were many who doubted that this day would ever come. We trusted our instincts. And here we are.


  1. The old rules still apply: when you’re working on a space mission (or any campaign for that matter) it’s easy to get carried away and forget that the basic rules still apply: know your audience; speak their language; engage, don’t transmit; the power of third party advocacy; a picture’s worth a thousand words. All of these rules were essential to the success of Lunar Mission One communications.


  1. The importance of community: we worked hard to form and then positively engage with the community of Founder Backers on Kickstarter – the self-proclaimed ‘Luminauts’. They have been our greatest advocates. They’ve persuaded friends, family, their employers and their schools to fund Lunar Mission One; they’ve taken to Twitter and Facebook; they’ve developed artwork and written poems; they defended the project against critics in a way that was so much more powerful than if we had done it. They have been essential to our success – and will be for the next ten years.


  1. Impact doesn’t have to be expensive: Pagefield agreed to be a Lunar Mission One Founding Sponsor – meaning our fees are our ‘investment’ in the project. This was just as well since the project’s entire communications budget was miniscule. There was no money for big creative treatments; no money for advertising; no money to pay celebrities to act as spokespeople or to develop eye-catching collateral. Nonetheless, our campaign has generated over 2000 pieces of coverage around the world; our video has been viewed tens of thousands of times and we’ve raised over £600,000 in four short weeks. Real, measurable impact delivered entirely through PR.


  1. Take a risk: Pagefield took a risk when we agreed to lead on communications for Lunar Mission One despite the fact that they had no available budget for comms. Not every risk pays off but when a project, company or campaign inspires you, the rewards go way beyond financial return. This project has united our team; given Pagefield a chance to deliver another truly international campaign; taught us a huge amount (not least about lunar exploration!); brought us into contact with some incredible people; and given us the satisfaction of knowing that we helped to get this Mission off the ground – literally.


PS: Pagefield will continue to work with Lunar Mission One over the coming decade to develop and deliver the full global PR and marketing campaign.