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Current Thinking

A Budget for Britain’s Future?

29th October 2018

The Pagefield Team have produced a handbook highlighting the key announcements, analysis and reaction from this afternoon’s Budget which you can read here in Pagefield’s Budget Review 2018 All Budgets are key moments for Chancellors and Prime Ministers but this one comes at a time when all eyes are focused on what our relationship with the […]

How to Build a Challenger Brand Breakfast: 5 Things We Learned

10th October 2018

This week Pagefield convened an expert panel at The AllBright to discuss the highs and lows of building a challenger brand. Chaired by Pagefield Senior Advisor and journalist, James Ashton, our panel of entrepreneurs – including Debbie Wosskow, Co-Founder of the AllBright, Hayden Wood, Co-Founder of Bulb Energy, Pip Jamieson, Founder of The Dots and […]

Dancing Queen: Theresa May swings her party back to the centre-ground 

5th October 2018

Following an eventful week in Birmingham, Ben Stetson offers his take on this year’s Conservative Party Conference and what it will mean for the party and nation. After nearly imploding in Manchester last year, the bar for success was not high this time around. If the Prime Minister could march her Party back down to […]

Will health benefit from Hancock’s wealth of tech expertise?

28th September 2018

Ahead of next week’s Conservative Party Conference, Pagefield’s newest recruit, Alice Whittingdale, outlines what to expect from the new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock. Will his pledges for apps, algorithms and artificial intelligence be enough to secure the much needed fundamental change for the NHS? Despite only being in the […]

Labour means business, but does Corbyn care what corporates think?

27th September 2018

Returning from Liverpool, Pagefield’s Ed Brown outlines the change in the Labour Party, recaps the major announcements made by the Shadow Cabinet and looks at what this year’s Labour Conference could mean for business. On my last trip to Liverpool, Labour Party Conference closed with internal party relations at an all-time low. Infighting reigned in […]

Meet the Editor: 5 Things We Learned from Simon Jack, BBC Business Editor

21st September 2018

Business Editor at the BBC, Simon Jack, joined us at Pagefield this week to discuss his insights on the challenges on reporting Brexit, conflict in the political arena and the transformation of the world of work. Paul Codd provides his view.   Snappily described as ‘banking analyst-turned-broadcaster’, Jack has been with the BBC since 2003, […]

Behind the Headlines: Why Cambridge’s dire diversity needed tackling by a music icon

20th August 2018

The ‘Stormzy Scholarship’ has brought concerns around the lack of diversity inside Britain’s most prestigious universities back under the spotlight. Our Senior Consultant, Kate Begg, looks at how Cambridge University can use this recent crisis as a springboard to elicit real change. What happened? Renowned grime artist Stormzy added an extra layer of excitement to […]