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Week #2 of our revamped PMQs blog. Let us know your thoughts on twitter @pagefieldlondon. A scoreless draw this week.


Who won?


Post-election glow turned to gloating this week as Cameron ran into trouble with Harriet Harman. The acting Labour leader deployed a winning tactic of accusing the PM of bravado instead of answering the questions, effectively quashing any later attempts by the Conservatives to parade their election victory. Harman did, however, fail to press him far enough on the EU referendum or provide a Labour line (hardly her fault, considering they don’t exist yet) on many of the issues this week, resulting in a fair draw.  


Best question?

Harriet Harman: Whether the Government’s plan for tax-free childcare is on track to be implemented by the autumn.

With Cameron unable to give a definitive answer, Harman managed to corner the PM on an issue that not only was promised during the campaign but is incredibly popular. We should expect to hear much more of this over the next six months.


Best joke/quote of the week

Cameron, on the recently ousted George Galloway:

“[He] had the unique distinction of always speaking with immense power, but always being completely wrong.”


Issue of the week

EU Referendum

With four questions, and the promise of a 16-17 year old voting age debate as the bill heads through its parliamentary process, the hot topic of the week was the EU referendum.


Rowdiest party/backbencher

The Conservatives

In what made for fairly painful viewing at times, Harman continued to feed the Conservatives perfectly provocative lines that resulted in the high level of raucousness displayed by the Tories last week. The renewed confidence of a Conservative majority government which has effectively secured an EU Referendum has given them a voice that is here to stay.


One to watch

Naz Shah, Labour MP for Bradford

Another strong debut from the Labour benches this week with Naz Shah challenging the PM to provide actual answers at PMQs. The PM, not lacking in a sense of irony, chose to ignore her question.


Bercow Bingo


Bercow had a quiet week with just one interruption during the debate to praise himself for the introduction of a living wage in the Houses of Parliament. 


Sum it up in 140 characters

Tory gloating stymied by a straight-laced Harman. Back slaps all around for victorious Conservative marginals. EURef set to dominate agenda.


*Next week: Pagefield introduces ‘Northern Powerhouse’ bingo*