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Behind the Headlines: Stop Funding Hate

18th November 2016

It’s been hailed by some as a crucial tool in the fight against intolerance, and labelled by others an elitist campaign for press censorship. Sam Barnett takes a look at ‘Stop Funding Hate’ and the recent media coverage surrounding the campaign.

Behind the Headlines: BT ‘Broadbad’

28th January 2016

Fred Azis-Laranjo looks at the reaction to the inaugural report by the cross-party ‘British Infrastructure Group’ of MPs, entitled “Broadbad”, which singled out BT’s ‘Openreach’ for alleged under-performance and abuse of its dominant position in the broadband market.

Five things we learnt: Labour Party Conference 2015

1st October 2015

Pagefield spent a few days in Brighton this week for some sun, sea and socialism at Labour Party conference 2015. Here Nathan Jones and Benjamin Winter report back on the five things they learnt.

“Her Majesty was delighted. Very seasoned hands in our press office say they cannot remember a day that got such amazing coverage”

Edward Young – Deputy Private Secretary to The Queen

“There is strength in depth in the likeable team at Pagefield and we have felt that they have provided us with very high quality support throughout.”

Nicola Shaw – Executive Director UK, National Grid and former Chief Executive, HS1 Ltd

“Their strategic vision, creative approach and absolute commitment to delivering flawless communications have been central to achieving our goal today.”

David Iron – Executive Director, Lunar Mission One

“As a team, Pagefield completely works – the  energy and the combination of integrity, principles, expertise, drive, and passion all make for an outstanding secret sauce that I have never come by before and I know doesn’t exist elsewhere. Together we have made a huge impact on Ctrlshift, its brand, its identity and its growth.”

Jane Fields – CMO, Ctrl-Shift