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Five Things

Five Things

Meet the Editor: Five Things We Learned from ITV News

19th January 2017

Pagefield’s latest ‘Meet the Editor’ event welcomed ITV News in a lively conversation. Joined by Geoff Hill, Editor and Joel Hills, Business Editor, each gave us an insight into the channel and how broadcast media is evolving in the new digital era. Here are five things we learned, with Marie Lorimer.

Five things we learned: Meet the Columnist with Philip Collins

7th July 2016

Not many Pagefield breakfast sessions begin with a quote from Lenin, but in light of recent events Philip Collins citing that “there are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen” felt particularly apt. Here are the five things we learned.

Five things we learned: Meet the News Anchor with Jon Snow, Channel 4 News

28th June 2016

“I am Jon Snow, I know nothing.” How the iconic Channel 4 News Presenter chose to introduce himself at this morning’s breakfast may have elicited broad beams of delight from the Game of Thrones fans around the table but – luckily for us – it definitely did not set the tone for the discussion that followed. Here are five things we learned.

Five Things We Learned: The Morning after the Referendum

24th June 2016

Bringing together a panel of experts, chaired by Daisy McAndrew, which included Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce, Associate Editor at the Daily Mirror Kevin Maguire, Senior Investment Director at Investec Elissa Bayer and Pagefield Advisory Board Chair and former UK Ambassador to the US Sir Christopher Meyer – Pagefield hosted an event to discuss the next steps for Britain as it heads out of the EU.

“Her Majesty was delighted. Very seasoned hands in our press office say they cannot remember a day that got such amazing coverage”

Edward Young – Deputy Private Secretary to The Queen

“There is strength in depth in the likeable team at Pagefield and we have felt that they have provided us with very high quality support throughout.”

Nicola Shaw – Executive Director UK, National Grid and former Chief Executive, HS1 Ltd

“Their strategic vision, creative approach and absolute commitment to delivering flawless communications have been central to achieving our goal today.”

David Iron – Executive Director, Lunar Mission One

“As a team, Pagefield completely works – the  energy and the combination of integrity, principles, expertise, drive, and passion all make for an outstanding secret sauce that I have never come by before and I know doesn’t exist elsewhere. Together we have made a huge impact on Ctrlshift, its brand, its identity and its growth.”

Jane Fields – CMO, Ctrl-Shift