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Guest Blogs

Guest Blogs

The Year That Was – 2017

19th December 2017

This year has seen all manner of political and cultural surprises, it has seen the astonishing rise of Corbyn, our first taste of Trumpism and the sweeping reach of #MeToo. We spoke with Pagefield friends Tim Shipman, Deborah Mattinson, Christian May, Laura Kuenssberg & Claire Fox to understand the year that was.

James Cooksey, The Crown Estate: How to keep London Great

10th May 2016

As the dust settles on Sadiq Khan’s election as London Mayor, James Cooksey, Director of Central London for The Crown Estate, guest blogs for us looking at some of the steps that we need to take to keep London great.

Keeping the Bicycle Upright: Lessons from HS2

7th March 2016

Tom Kelly is Strategic Communications Adviser to HS2 and the first contributor to Pagefield’s brand new series of guest blogs, providing invaluable insights into some of the UK’s most prominent sectors.

The five characteristics of great campaigns

11th November 2015

PR Week’s Editor-in-Chief, Danny Rogers guest blogs for Pagefield on the five elements that make a successful campaign – the third in a series of essays on campaigning marking our fifth birthday.

The five elements of a successful online campaign

26th October 2015

What are the elements of a successful online petition and can they be replicated in every situation, asks Tom Bage of, in one of a series of essays on campaigning marking Pagefield’s fifth birthday.

“Her Majesty was delighted. Very seasoned hands in our press office say they cannot remember a day that got such amazing coverage”

Edward Young – Deputy Private Secretary to The Queen

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Nicola Shaw – Executive Director UK, National Grid and former Chief Executive, HS1 Ltd

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David Iron – Executive Director, Lunar Mission One

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Jane Fields – CMO, Ctrl-Shift