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Labour Party

Labour Party

Labour means business, but does Corbyn care what corporates think?

27th September 2018

Returning from Liverpool, Pagefield’s Ed Brown outlines the change in the Labour Party, recaps the major announcements made by the Shadow Cabinet and looks at what this year’s Labour Conference could mean for business. On my last trip to Liverpool, Labour Party Conference closed with internal party relations at an all-time low. Infighting reigned in […]

The real Beast from the East reawakens brave Labour MPs

16th March 2018

An attack on the streets of Salisbury has led to echoes of the Cold War. Oli Foster, Chief Executive, looks at how the nefarious use of Novichok has reawakened a range of Labour Party MPs. The Labour Party has a proud history of championing robust and responsible foreign policy. In 1940 Clement Atlee gave the […]

New Year, no more New Labour

17th January 2018

An efficient, drama-free reshuffle and a successful slate in the Labour NEC elections – Corbyn and his team have taken yet another step in solidifying their hold of the internal structures of the Labour party – and all without a hiccup (so far). Peter Turay gives his take on Corbyn’s progress and what it could […]

Labour Conference 2017: What next for business?

28th September 2017

Returning from a trip to the Brighton seaside Ben Winter looks at what this year’s Labour Conference means for the private sector, and what the next steps for business must be.

General Election 2017: Manifesto briefings

22nd May 2017

We’ve now shared with all our clients briefings on each of the Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and SNP manifestos. We’re sharing them here now for all to see. We hope you find them useful.

Campaign Watch: 04/05/17

5th May 2017

Following a tumultuous week, Pagefield looks back at the highs and lows of the General Election 2017 campaign trail in our inaugural Campaign Watch blog. Look out for our weekly round-up published every Friday morning from now until polling day on June 8.

Corbyn’s second chance… Five areas where Labour could influence policy

23rd September 2016

The result of the Labour leadership contest is all but sewn up. Only the most optimistic (or perhaps most foolish) gambling man would now put their money on Owen Smith. From tomorrow Jeremy Corbyn will begin to rebuild his leadership and assemble his Shadow Cabinet team. But going forward what will Labour’s priorities be, where will they look to attack the Government and how will they shape policy as an Opposition? The Pagefield team gives their thoughts…

Are the Labour Party relevant to you anymore?

5th September 2016

“In our second blog on the subject of Labour, Pagefield’s Public Affairs Partner James Barge sets out why you shouldn’t be ignoring the party just yet.”