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Meet The Editor

Meet The Editor

Meet the Editor: 5 Things We Learned from Simon Jack, BBC Business Editor

21st September 2018

Business Editor at the BBC, Simon Jack, joined us at Pagefield this week to discuss his insights on the challenges on reporting Brexit, conflict in the political arena and the transformation of the world of work. Paul Codd provides his view.   Snappily described as ‘banking analyst-turned-broadcaster’, Jack has been with the BBC since 2003, […]

Meet the Editor: Five Things We Learned from Iain Dey, Sunday Times Business Editor

5th April 2017

Our latest ‘Meet the Editor’ event welcomed Iain Dey, Business Editor of the Sunday Times, to Pagefield. Up for discussion were a myriad of issues such as Brexit, fake news, the growing importance of the technology sector within the wider world of business, and the unique style and routine involved in being the Editor of one of the UK’s most influential business sections.

Meet the Editor: Five Things We Learned from ITV News

19th January 2017

Pagefield’s latest ‘Meet the Editor’ event welcomed ITV News in a lively conversation. Joined by Geoff Hill, Editor and Joel Hills, Business Editor, each gave us an insight into the channel and how broadcast media is evolving in the new digital era. Here are five things we learned, with Marie Lorimer.

Five things we learned: Meet the Editor with Sarah Gordon

8th December 2016

Sarah Gordon, Business Editor at the Financial Times began breakfast by reflecting on her earliest days at the Financial Times, sixteen years ago, when the media world was print-led. Since then, journalism has been transformed as newspapers have moved from broadsheet to browser.