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Party Conference

Party Conference

Dancing Queen: Theresa May swings her party back to the centre-ground 

5th October 2018

Following an eventful week in Birmingham, Ben Stetson offers his take on this year’s Conservative Party Conference and what it will mean for the party and nation. After nearly imploding in Manchester last year, the bar for success was not high this time around. If the Prime Minister could march her Party back down to […]

Labour means business, but does Corbyn care what corporates think?

27th September 2018

Returning from Liverpool, Pagefield’s Ed Brown outlines the change in the Labour Party, recaps the major announcements made by the Shadow Cabinet and looks at what this year’s Labour Conference could mean for business. On my last trip to Liverpool, Labour Party Conference closed with internal party relations at an all-time low. Infighting reigned in […]

May at the centre

5th October 2016

Today May recast the centre ground. Josh Lambkin took in a very new era for the Conservative Party.