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PMQs 07/09/17

7th September 2017

PMQs returned with a bang. In case you missed it, our newest recruit Hal has the scoop…..

PMQs 12/07/2017

12th July 2017

Peter Turay watched today’s PMQs so you don’t have to – here’s his take.

PMQs 05/07/2017

5th July 2017

With reports of a cabinet divide on the public-sector pay cap, this week’s PMQs focused on the debate around austerity measures. Alice Whittingdale watched it so you don’t have to.

PMQs 28/06/2017

28th June 2017

A solemn and serious session for the first PMQs of the new parliament, with the disaster at Grenfell Tower at the top of the agenda. Peter Turay watches PMQs so you don’t have to.

PMQs and Campaign Kick Off

20th April 2017

On your marks, get set, GO! Yesterday’s PMQs very much signalled the start of the election – slogan by slogan. Here’s what was said and what we can expect from the respective leaders’ campaign trails.

PMQs 15/03/2017

15th March 2017

Improvisation has never been Corbyn’s strongpoint and, in respect of his remarkable own goal, we bring you a special edition of PMQs to speculate on what could’ve been…

PMQs 01/03/2017

1st March 2017

The PM went into the Chamber today bolstered by last week’s by-election win in Copeland – the first time a sitting government in power has taken a seat off the opposition since 1982. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for her to raise the victory, much to the delight of her benches, but the session as a whole certainly wasn’t plain sailing. Ben Winter watches PMQs so you don’t have to.

PMQs 22/02/2017

22nd February 2017

This week’s PMQs focused yet again on the NHS. Featuring an unlikely ‘dabbing’ incident in the chamber, Alice Hawken watched it so you don’t have to…

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