COVID-19: Your Pagefield team supporting you throughout these challenging times

By Oliver Foster

Thursday 14th May

To all Pagefield clients,

There can be no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic is going to impact our personal and professional lives for a significant period of time. As of last night, the entire Pagefield team is now working from home until government advice changes. I wanted to write to you at this point to reassure you of Pagefield’s steadfast support during the coming weeks and months, as you grapple not only with the impact on your own organisation, but also on your teams and your own families.

The Pagefield team has come together in recent days to develop, with me, a 3-point plan that will allow us to maintain and, where helpful, increase our overall support to you.

First and foremost, we know that your communications needs are likely to change rapidly and significantly in the coming weeks. Therefore between now and the end of April, we are offering the full range of Pagefield advisory services to all our clients, within your existing fee arrangement (i.e. at no additional cost to you). As an independent business, we’re flexible enough to be able to make this offer to all of our clients. This means that you can pick up the phone to us with total confidence that we are on hand to deliver everything we can to help you and your business through these difficult times, without having to discuss additional fees.

The full range of Pagefield advisory services includes:

  • Advice on crisis management and messaging, including on social media
  • Internal communications (to staff and suppliers)
  • The targeting of very specific government intervention and support and our advice around how best to handle those conversations, for example with HM Treasury following the announcement of the Chancellor’s business support package earlier today
  • Responding to government initiatives that may require amendment – including any legislation, and input to any one of the four newly-established Government Implementation Committees
  • Provision of regular and timely updates and analysis on the latest government advice.

Please do let me or your Pagefield ‘lead’ know if we can support you with any of these services.

Second, the Pagefield team is a fully-enabled working-from-home team. All of us have laptops, mobile phones and we regularly use online communications services internally and with clients. The 24/7 service we currently provide to you will continue throughout this period – without interruption. Clearly, at some point, the likelihood is we will have members of our own team who are taken ill with this virus, but we are as confident as we can be that we will be able to work around that, as well as any restrictions on movement put in place by the Government in future.

Third, and also at no additional cost, if you are handling a significant communications crisis and you need additional boots on the ground, we are able to lend a member of your Pagefield team to work directly with you as part of your team, in your office or as part of a remote-working crisis response team, whether that’s providing instant press office functions, fielding media enquiries and / or correcting inaccuracies.

As the Government itself is finding, communications is – and always will be – one of the most important things to get right during these difficult times. I hope this package of measures reassures you that your Pagefield team is right by your side as you face the challenges ahead.

Additionally, if you or any of your colleagues are suddenly required to face the media but haven’t any experience of doing that, our in-house media training team is able to either parachute in to your office at short notice to deliver intensive half-day media training sessions, or to deliver the same programmes remotely via a Skype link, including a very intensive 1 hour option. Do let me or any of your Pagefield team know if that is a service you need at any point.

Also, throughout this period (and beyond) I, along with my fellow Founding Partners Mark and Sara, our Board chaired by Dame Teresa Graham, and our large team of Senior Advisors (which includes several leading former national journalists, diplomats, civil servants, special advisors and business leaders) are available to be brought in to join your internal Board / Senior Management discussions, in meetings, on conference calls or simply 121 calls with any one of us to discuss your crisis communications or political engagement strategy.

Finally, we have talked as a team about hosting a virtual meeting with our clients in the coming days for fellow communications professionals to share – from a communications perspective – recent learnings and best practice. If that is something you’d be interested in joining, please let me know by replying to this email.

In the meantime, my mobile number is in my signature below – please do text or call me at any point if you’d like to talk to me directly.

I wish you, your colleagues, and your friends and family very safe and healthy days and weeks ahead.

With best wishes,


Oliver Foster
Chief Executive

07403 225 754

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