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Current Thinking

New media at a (Cairn)crossroads following independent review

15th February 2019

Dame Frances Cairncross this week published an independent report into the challenges facing high-quality journalism in the UK. Ben Stetson dissects what it means for new media, and how tech giants can work with traditional outlets to rebalance the media landscape. For the past year the bellows of policymakers and regulators around the world railing […]

Gender Pay Gap: It’s more than just a numbers game

29th January 2019

The countdown to the gender pay gap reporting deadline is on. Stephanie Croucher outlines how companies can use it as an opportunity to create a narrative about how they’re making progress to becoming a more equal workplace.

Game, set, match: how Andy Murray played the media game and won

22nd January 2019

As the tournament during which he may have played his last match draws to a close, Leonie Martin reflects on how Andy Murray evolved his public persona from media-shy misanthrope to multiple BBC Sports Personality of the Year winner.  Will he, won’t he? Boris Becker has this week urged Andy Murray to abandon retirement plans […]

Pagefield previews 2019

10th January 2019

What hope does 2019 have of reaching the same levels of excitement and intrigue as 2018? Our talented senior team across six of our key sectors dust off their crystal balls.

Televised debates – a waste of time?

30th November 2018

In the week which saw the Prime Minister challenge Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn to a TV Brexit battle, Alice Hawken asks: does anybody care?

Discovery of Dinnage presents open goal for Premier League

27th November 2018

With Richard Scudamore being substituted off after a robust 19-year performance for Discovery’s Susanna Dinnage, Charley Sambridge asks what opportunities the Premier League’s latest hire presents. Last week it was announced that Susanna Dinnage will leave Discovery and join a Premier League in rude health. The league generated a record £4.5bn in revenue in the […]

Crises, Communications and CEOs

23rd November 2018

Following Sheryl Sandberg revising her account of her knowledge of Facebook’s relationship with Definers Public Affairs, Kieran O’Connell asks how so many senior executives can still claim to be so in the dark about who they’ve hired to manage their reputation. One of the first pieces of advice offered to a client in any crisis […]