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Current Thinking

Iceland leaves its influence at the door

13th April 2018

Iceland made headlines this week for ditching palm oil. Paul Codd provides his take on what this means for efforts to halt deforestation and the reputational challenges facing other retailers.

Zuckerberg takes on Capitol Hill

12th April 2018

After discussing everything from Russia to data protection, Facebook’s Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg emerged on Thursday after a tumultuous two-day grilling on Capitol Hill. Pagefield’s Peter Turay analyses how he performed, the repercussions for Facebook and the effect it may have on other disruptive, internet-based companies.   What Happened? The interrogation he had long avoided and resisted. […]

Gender Pay Gap: PR exercise or serious business commitment?

6th April 2018

This week, the gender pay gap has dominated news headlines as businesses rush to publish their figures ahead of the Government’s deadline. Now it’s been revealed that, on average, 78% of UK companies pay women less than men Ellie Riddles looks at what’s next for businesses who need to prove they are effectively tackling the […]

The Pagefield Review

23rd March 2018

With the UK-Russia diplomatic crisis boiling over, it was going to take a big news story to knock this off the front pages…enter stage left Chris Wylie. Wylie lifted the lid on his former employer, data firm Cambridge Analytica, revealing their misuse of Facebook data – revelations that have sparked debate on the use of personal […]

The real Beast from the East reawakens brave Labour MPs

16th March 2018

An attack on the streets of Salisbury has led to echoes of the Cold War. Oli Foster, Chief Executive, looks at how the nefarious use of Novichok has reawakened a range of Labour Party MPs. The Labour Party has a proud history of championing robust and responsible foreign policy. In 1940 Clement Atlee gave the […]

The Pagefield Review

9th March 2018

In a throwback to the cold war era, news this week has included a suspected state-sponsored assassination attempt in a Salisbury shopping centre and the spectre of a global trade war. Pagefield’s Ed Brown gives his take on the week that was. Issue of the week – Trump ponders a trade war Domestic news has understandably […]

Philip Hammond’s Speech on EU/UK Financial Services: Deal or no Deal?

8th March 2018

Yesterday Philip Hammond outlined the Government’s ambition to include financial services as part of a wide ranging free trade deal with the European Union. Pagefield’s David Leslie analyses what this means for institutions and what to look out for as negotiations rumble on. What happened? Following the Prime Minister’s speech last week in which she […]

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