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Current Thinking

Five lessons from Extinction Rebellion

2nd May 2019

“People are sick of being told it’s enough to sign a petition when we’re faced with extinction” – Tom Ebury-Jones, Extinction Rebellion Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests at Trafalgar Square, Waterloo Bridge and other prominent locations around London starting on 15 April have finally given the media (and everyone else for that matter) something other than […]

Is British cricket pushing the boundaries too far in its big year?

11th April 2019

This month marks the start of a season of cricket which is set to bring us an unprecedented line-up of both an Ashes series and a World Cup taking place on British soil. Enough excitement you would think to attract even the most peripheral follower of the great game.

Will Brexit bring the end to the two-party system?

8th April 2019

The last few weeks in Westminster have seen a series of indicative votes tabled, then rejected, then tabled again, resulting in the first tie in 26 years with Speaker John Bercow left to cast the deciding ballot.

Spring Statement – The Pagefield View

13th March 2019

Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his Spring Statement this afternoon against a backdrop of mounting political turmoil over Brexit. Sandwiched in between two crucial Brexit votes, the Chancellor delivered what has been described as a “low key” statement – not one for tomorrow’s front pages. To view our briefing in full, click here: Pagefield View – […]

Has International Women’s Day been a success?

8th March 2019

In an ideal world, we won’t need an International Women’s Day. But until then, the day offers a fantastic chance for us to take stock of how far we have come and how much further we have to go. Progress is not just about celebrating the achievements of extraordinary women. It’s about recognising women everywhere […]