Announcing the finalists for the ‘Journalist Whose Influence Grew and Grew This Year’ award at Pagefield Press Awards

Monday 13th November

In an era of increasing competition for all our attention, ‘influence’ is what makes ears prick up and listen. It comes through dedication, relentless work and creative flair, and each of the candidates for this year’s ‘Journalist Whose Influence Grew and Grew’ award have all those qualities in spades. 

To celebrate the talents of such rising stars, the Pagefield Press Awards – now in its second year – once again features an award for outstanding journalists whose influence and reputations for hard-hitting and influential journalism have grown substantially in the past year.  

The winners will be announced at Pagefield’s autumn drinks reception on Tuesday 28th November. Here is our shortlist for this important award – names that we believe will resonate for many years to come: 

Lucy Fisher, Whitehall Editor at Financial Times

Lucy’s skilled and tireless reporting earns her by-lines right across the FT’s political pages – often on multiple articles a day. Lucy’s work also features in the news pages, where her pieces include informed coverage spanning Westminster and the intersection of politics and the media.

Henry Dyer, Investigations Reporter at The Guardian

Henry is known for his robust and well-researched political probes, which have led to him giving evidence to House of Commons Select Committees on multiple occasions. His knack for getting ahead on some of the most crucial stories marks him out as one to watch.

James Heale, Political Correspondent at The Spectator 

James made a name for himself last year as one of the two authors of ‘Out of the Blue,’ a biography of Liz Truss that was published within three months of her becoming Prime Minister. Since then, Heale has continued to make waves in the parliamentary lobby. 

Charlotte Ivers, Staff Writer and Political Columnist at the Sunday Times.

Already dubbed ‘a rising star’, Charlotte’s flair for originality shines across her varied work. Whether writing about looking ‘too young’ for her job or penning an incisive review of Danny Kruger MP’s book, Ivers has developed her own unique style. 

Emilio Casalicchio, London Playbook PM Editor at POLITICO

Known for his daily wrap-up of exclusive news from Westminster, Emilio has made Playbook PM the go-to read for anyone looking for the inside track on political issues. No true political junkie is without a subscription.  


Find out more about this year’s judges who had the challenging task of reviewing an array of exceptional nominees.  

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