Announcing the finalists for the ‘Most Influential Business or Economic Journalist of the Year’ at the Pagefield Press Awards

Monday 20th November

In the dynamic realm where financial tides ebb and flow, and global economies dance to the intricate beats of market forces, there exists a cadre of unsung heroes armed not with swords but with pens and microphones. These individuals are the stalwart business and economic journalists who tirelessly navigate the intricate web of corporate complexities, decipher economic trends, and distil financial jargon into palatable narratives for the masses. 

In a world inundated with information, these journalists have taken ownership of a craft that demands more than mere reporting; it requires a profound understanding of global markets, financial intricacies, and the ability to transform abstract economic theories into relatable stories that resonate with a diverse audience. Business and economic journalists are the architects of informed decision-making, the custodians of financial literacy, and the storytellers who unravel the narratives behind balance sheets and market trends. 

Pagefield’s award for the ‘Most Influential Business or Economic Journalist of the Year’ not only recognises individual excellence but also underscores the pivotal role these journalists play in shaping public discourse, influencing policy, and fostering a more informed and engaged society. 

The winners will be announced at Pagefield’s autumn drinks reception on Tuesday 28th November. The five shortlisted nominees are: 

Mark Kleinman, City Editor at Sky News 

Mark has continued to solidify his reputation for breaking major business news of relevance to both the financial sector and consumers. Of particular note this year was his coverage of the ongoing fight to acquire the Telegraph newspaper group, which could herald a major shift in the media landscape.  

Katie Prescott,  Technology Business Editor at The Times  

Katie has become a go-to figure in the world of tech, media and telecoms reporting, covering some of the quickest-moving stories in the UK landscape. Her in-depth coverage of the CMA’s process to approve Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard helped strengthen perceptions of the UK’s regulators on the international stage, while raising questions about their future role in the wake of increasing takeovers of this size.  

Jasper Jolly,  Financial Reporter at The Guardian  

Jasper leads on an array of topics for The Guardian – including transportation, artificial intelligence, the cost-of-living, and UK industry in general. In 2023, he has delivered crucial insights on the electric vehicle and construction markets at a time when the public and businesses are looking for clarity on the UK’s environmental future.  

Chris Giles,  Economics Commentator at The Financial Times  

At an outlet revered for its business and economics coverage, Chris has worked to distinguish himself through astute, pithy commentary on the economic realities facing the UK’s decision-makers. His coverage on the governance of the Bank of England and broader debate on the role of central banks has offered particularly key insights into the varied approaches to controlling inflation across the world.  

Dharshini David,  Chief Economics Correspondent at the BBC  

Dharshini has been responsible for producing some of the BBC’s most pressing economics coverage for people across the UK as they grapple with the changing nature of the cost-of-living crisis. Her coverage has also provided a vital balance in discerning the various impacts of the invasion of Ukraine, Brexit and global inflation on the UK, and in comparison, to the rest of the world.  


Find out more about this year’s judges who had the challenging task of reviewing an array of exceptional nominees.   

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