Pagefield Parliamentarian Awards 2022

By Simon Renwick

Tuesday 14th February

Pagefield is today launching our new report ‘Pagefield Parliamentarian Awards 2022’.

This follows our inaugural report looking into the importance of parliamentarians, ‘Backbenchers: the real powerbrokers?’, last year.

This year’s report expands on the scope of our last report, looking at some of the most influential backbenchers in Parliament over the past year, as well as shortlists for frontbenchers, Select Committee Chairs and even memorable speeches.

Each shortlist includes five parliamentarians, making a total of 20 individuals who we think deserve recognition for their work in Parliament over the previous year.

Winners for each of our shortlists have been picked by a select judging panel, and the winners will be announced at an awards reception on 28th February.

To read the report, click here – and to read the thoughts of our chief executive, Oliver Foster, on the continuing importance of parliamentarians, then please click here.

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