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Wednesday 03rd June

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Who won?

Cameron and the Conservatives

Clearly elated by their surprising election victory and the novelty of their majority – the Conservatives were on strong form in comparison to a rather, if not unexpected, subdued Labour Party.


Best question?

Harriet Harman: Did the percentage of home-owners increase or fall during the last parliament?

Knowing that the percentage of home-owners fell, Harman’s question clearly troubled Cameron who couldn’t adequately answer. A clever one from Labour as it undermines one of the Conservatives key messages of aspiration underpinned by home-ownership.


Best joke/quote of the week

Cameron, referring to Miliband and Balls – “the messengers may be gone but the messages are the same”

Despite the Labour party doing its best to ditch the legacy of the two Eds, Cameron cleverly attacked them as the ‘enemies of aspiration’ who are struggling to move their policy offer on – and will remain in this limbo until their new leader arrives at the Despatch Box after Party Conference season.


Issue of the week

Home-ownership and housing

All six of Labour’s questions were on the theme of home-ownership and housing, with Cameron answering confidently but struggling to find the killer-response.


Rowdiest party/backbencher

The Conservatives

Labour, still without a leader, felt very subdued which was in stark contrast to the Conservatives who were positively celebratory. The SNP also made a surprisingly quiet debut – a smart strategic move considering the way their early behaviour at Westminster has at times been portrayed in the media.


Corporate name-checks

Dixons-Carphone (job losses in West Bromwich West)

Tata Steel (how to safeguard the steel industry)


One to watch

Cat Smith, Labour MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood

A strong debut from this new MP, who amused and impressed the Twitterati with her question about the UKs credit rating.


Bercow Bingo


Bercow was on quiet form this week with just one intervention.


Sum it up in 140 characters

#PMQs verdict: Tory win. Subdued Labour. Dignified from Harman but lacking any punch. Smart (if quiet) SNP début. Homeownership = key theme


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