Ellie Mathars

EA to Mark Gallagher and Sara Price

Ellie is Executive Assistant to Pagefield Founder, Mark Gallagher, and has been with Pagefield since 2011. In her eight years at the agency she has managed almost every aspect of Mark’s life, meaning there’s never a dull moment! In addition to her work as EA, Ellie is Pagefield’s New Business Administrator. This entails managing and co-ordinating all new business opportunities which come in to the agency, keeping track of progress, and ensuring the whole agency is kept informed of all developments.

Prior to joining Pagefield, Ellie spent five years at PR agency Fishburn Hedges where she worked as a team assistant and PA to the Chief Executive. Originally from Manchester, Ellie has lived in London for 15 years. She graduated from Nottingham University with a BA Hons in Ancient History & Archaeology.

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