Using digital to bolster the voice of a membership organisation

Road Haulage Association (RHA)


Pagefield developed an underpinning social media strategy that was to operate throughout National Coach Week.



In order to make it as effective as possible, and easy for the RHA to share member and politician content, we shared assets including a National Coach Week banner with stakeholders directly. We also asked them to use the #NationalCoachWeek hashtag so we could more easily reshare content.

Our activity ran across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – each speaking to different RHA audiences.

During the week we:

  1. Posted each element of the ‘Think CoACHES’ acrostic manifesto along with a designed asset which drew out the key points of each policy priority.
  2. Used the content from the roundtable to highlight the level of engagement that the RHA was able to secure from politicians.
  3. Interspersed content with videos and photos from members and politicians – holding branded National Coach Week banners – showing their support for the campaign.
  4. Re-shared content from members and politicians through the RHA accounts.
  5. Ended the week with content from Roads Minister Richard Holden MP, and Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves MP

Activity was concluded the following week, including the open letter and a policy paper which was generated from the week’s political and member outreach, with a slideshow encompassing all activity from the week.


National Coach Week activity tracked significantly higher in terms of social media engagement compared to a normal week. On Twitter throughout National Coach Week, we had a mean average of 11.6 likes, 6.1 retweets and 1,281 impressions – compared to averages of 5, 3.2, and 823 on an average week.

We also had five MP visits to members’ headquarters and 113 posts on Twitter alone from RHA members promoting the coach industry and its needs. One coach operator, Candice Mason of Mason’s Travel, appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live discussing the industry’s issues, which was further shared across the RHA’s channels.

The client told us that the RHA had achieved ‘significantly more with significantly less’, and passed on comments from their members that they had been pleased with the amount of activity and political engagement, as well as the RHA’s championing of their needs.

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