Driving inward investment in the UK



In a campaign spanning two years, Pagefield worked with Discovery to communicate a complex fiscal challenge and to instigate a positive change to the UK tax regime bringing the UK into closer parity with that of its European neighbours.


The campaign succeeded by communicating a deeply complex issue in a clear and compelling way, whilst making the message relevant for a variety of different stakeholder groups, particularly in Whitehall. We hosted targeted roundtable events and parliamentary breakfasts which sat alongside a series of direct briefings to demonstrate the benefit to the UK Exchequer if the tax reform was included in the Autumn Budget 2018. This was complemented by a comprehensive report, produced by tax experts, and a map which visually demonstrated this complex issue and its impact on the UK’s attractiveness and competitive edge.


The campaign was extremely successful, and the Chancellor implemented the tax change in the subsequent Autumn Budget, unlocking the potential for billions of onshoring investments in subsequent years.

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