Executive Communications

We’re not afraid to give difficult advice as your ‘critical friend’. We offer experienced insight and tailored coaching that will make a tangible difference to you, your strategy and your results.

Our senior team is on hand 24/7 to provide tailored support and guidance to ensure your reputation is protected and enhanced.

Our Experience

Our world-class advisory board, industry-leading senior advisers and a highly experienced Partner team, offer senior strategic counsel, and sometimes frank advice, to meet your business and communications needs.

We help leaders, CEOs, board directors and senior spokespeople navigate complex political, media and business challenges, to manage challenging situations and maximise opportunities. We provide 24/7 phone and face-to-face support tailored to your individual needs, as well as leadership coaching.

What is the Importance of PR to People at C-suite Level?

While not always in the job description, public relations skills are critical to the success of any CEO. As the leader of an organisation, a CEO’s words, tone and actions carry significant weight. Their presence in public (which includes internal company gatherings and announcements), and how they handle public challenges, can significantly impact a company’s reputation and value.

And for CEOs, the reputation of their company is a critical indicator of how successful they are in their role – CEOs of companies dogged by scandal and poor communication will likely face greater difficulties with their board and investors than those whose company has a clear voice and message.

Financial Impact of Negative CEO Reputation

Any negative perceptions of senior officials at a company can significantly impact the confidence of markets, investors, consumers, staff and regulators. Poor public speaking and media performances, a lack of clarity in their communications plans, or an inability to spell out their vision for a company can alienate all of those important stakeholders.

CEOs, board members and senior officials speaking on behalf of a company must ensure their public appearances are polished and assured, with clear rationale underpinning the points they make, in order to build confidence among key audiences.

Looking for Executive Communication Training in London?

Pagefield’s team of senior advisors has significant experience advising C-suite individuals, with some of us having previously been in similar positions. We understand the challenges and stresses high-profile individuals in business face.

With our support, senior leaders can gain best-in-class training and a dynamic set of senior advisors at their fingertips. Our team has decades of experience between them in supporting people in the most challenging roles – from former Government Ministers to CEOs.

And with our highly-experienced Partner team, we are well placed to provide strategic counsel across a wide variety of sectors – from defence to property to transport. We know intimately how key business decisions are likely to play out in the media and in Westminster. We’ve been at the side of numerous high-profile companies, helping them steer clear of reputational damage.

Above all, our default position is to act as your ‘critical friend’, often providing advice that can run counter to previously accepted wisdom, or simply challenging internal convention in order to best prepare you for a cynical audience, whether that is internal, media or other stakeholders.


Our Other Expertise Areas

Public Affairs

We support companies to understand Westminster and beyond, developing strategies and campaigns that help you engage with the political stakeholders who matter most.

Corporate Communications

We help you ensure that your audiences truly understand your purpose, story and priorities in an increasingly complex world.

Crisis Communications

We protect and promote your reputation, through advanced risk planning and assured and urgent hands-on support when it matters.

Public & Regulatory Affairs

We provide well-informed political insight, to create and deliver impactful campaigns for UK and international brands seeking to improve public policy and regulation.

Social Media

We develop and implement integrated social media campaigns that deliver measurable and meaningful results.

Fundraise Communications

We help companies looking to scale-up make the most of their stand-out PR moments, including fundraising rounds, to ensure they make a splash and are noticed by the people that matter.

Merger and Acquisition Communications

We provide support to companies handling M&A processes, ensuring that through every stage of the process, they have the support they need for effective political and media engagement.

Brand Positioning & Rebranding

We design and create powerful content that makes you and your brand stand out from the crowd, and persuades people to choose you over your competition.

ESG and Sustainability

Our leadership team harnesses decades of experience at the highest levels of media, politics, business and the non-profit sector, to communicate their ESG and sustainability programmes in a way that cuts through the noise and makes them stand out of the crowd.

Digital & Social

We develop and implement creative social and digital campaigns that extend the reach of your campaigns, shaping reputation, engaging stakeholders and protecting your brand.

Executive Training

Our training will help you to master the skills you need to communicate your message, seize your opportunities and overcome challenges.

How can we help you?

We build lasting relationships based on trust and a thorough understanding of your world. If you would like a conversation about how we can help protect and promote you, your brand, your business or your new market challenger, please do get in touch.