Raising awareness of a leading clean heat developer



One of Britain’s leading developers of clean heat solutions and ground source heat networks, Rendesco, enlisted Pagefield to raise the profile of its business ahead of a series of critical fund-raising announcements. This also included drawing attention to Rendesco’s innovative business model which is accelerating the adoption of clean heat networks by lowering costs for developers. Rendesco wanted to amplify this ahead of the implementation of the Future Homes Standard, which bans fossil fuel heat in all new build homes from 2025.


Rendesco was in a unique position of being a leader in the field of designing and developing clean heat networks for new build housing projects. However, it had a relatively low profile amongst national and trade journalists who are looking to cover clean heat more frequently as the UK moves closer to net zero. To address this, we prepared and coordinated a large ‘curtain – raiser’ moment for the business through a fundraising announcement which received broad coverage across key trade publications. Building upon this we focused on showcasing the scalability and versatility of Rendesco’s technology and business model through site visits and interviews to inform a number of feature pieces in key construction and energy trade outlets.

We also conducted a comprehensive audit of Rendesco’s digital and social media channels before designing a new digital content and targeted advertising strategy to complement and amplify the increase in media coverage. This included optimising the company website for search and elevating Rendesco’s profile on LinkedIn with regular posting. We also targeted potential investors and customers with Rendesco’s content through paid campaigns on LinkedIn to drive engagement and leads to support the fundraise and sales pipeline.


From a standing start, we have successfully begun to establish Rendesco as an influential voice across the clean heat sector through a consistent drumbeat of coverage from project announcements, CEO interviews and longer feature pieces. Furthermore, our digital strategy has resulted in Rendesco attracting new business leads which have presented the company with new opportunities and project partners, supporting a successful equity raise, and driving a 620% increase in impressions

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