The Fundraising Regulator re-appoints Pagefield to support its public relations and public affairs activity

Friday 01st May

The Fundraising Regulator, which regulates charitable fundraising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, has re-appointed Pagefield to support its public relations and public affairs activity for the next three years. The re-appointment follows a formal and competitive tender process which began in December 2019.

The Fundraising Regulator sets and promotes the standards of fundraising in the UK and carries out investigations into fundraising activity which are of concern to the public. It also operates the Fundraising Preference Service and provides advice and guidance to charities and the public on creating a positive donor experience.

Most recently, the Fundraising Regulator has played an important role in supporting charities to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has developed guidance on fundraising to help charities continue to generate income under challenging circumstances, as well as advice for the general public on how to donate safely.

Pagefield and the Fundraising Regulator have worked together since the regulator was set up in the summer of 2016. Pagefield provided communications support for the Fundraising Regulator’s successful launch and the rollout of its Fundraising Preference Service in 2017.

Gerald Oppenheim, Chief Executive of the Fundraising Regulator, said: “I am delighted to be embarking on another three-year term with Pagefield as our pr agency. Pagefield have supported us to raise our profile among the fundraising sector and general public since our set up and have helped us to firmly cement our position as a leading authority in fundraising. As we set out on the next phase of our development as a regulator, I am pleased to continue working alongside Pagefield, in what has proven to be a very positive relationship.”

Oliver Foster, Chief Executive of Pagefield, said: “By supporting fundraisers, standing up for best practice, and enhancing public confidence in charitable giving, the Fundraising Regulator plays a vital role for charities operating at the heart of every community across the land.

“The whole Pagefield team and I are really proud that we’ve been working with the Fundraising Regulator since it was first established in 2016 and I’m delighted that we will be supporting Gerald and the team as they continue to grow in both size and status over the coming years.”

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