Conducting a review of crisis preparedness

Innocent Drinks


Pagefield was commissioned by Innocent Drinks to undertake a full audit and review of the organisation’s crisis preparedness procedures. The nature of Innocent Drinks’ business with a necessity for complicated and international supply chains in areas with a history of labour practice issues, means that having a clear and effective crisis plan is essential to protect its reputation.


To deliver the project, Pagefield undertook a thorough on-boarding and review phase, interrogating existing crisis plans and interviewing key business stakeholders to gauge their understanding of the crisis procedures. Following this information gathering stage, Pagefield devised and drafted a detailed multi-level and country crisis manual. This plan was then presented to the Innocent crisis response team.

With a first draft of an updated crisis manual in place, Pagefield designed and delivered a half-day crisis simulation workshop. This involved bringing all key business decision makers together to interrogate their response to a simulated crisis as it unfolded, with mock calls and emails with journalists, political and business stakeholders.


The audit and subsequent crisis workshop enabled Pagefield to identify additional pressure points and potential weaknesses in the current crisis plan, which was updated to reflect these, ensuring Innocent had a comprehensive plan to deal with any future crises.

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