Supporting Meggitt through a potential takeover bid



Pagefield were hired by Meggitt to support them through their proposed acquisition by US defence company Parker-Hannifin.




We provided ongoing strategic advice to the CEO and senior team, alongside day-to-day public affairs support, including engagement with government,
the Opposition, regional and local MPs, and the Select Committee.

We supported Meggitt in finalising the 2.7 takeover announcement document, working closely with them and the legal team to agree relevant quotes from key individuals, and ensuring that the announcement was widely communicated to political stakeholders.

This was followed up by a meeting programme with key stakeholders, for which we provided comprehensive briefings and talking points. We have also provided support to Meggitt ahead of a private briefing with the Defence Select Committee and BEIS Select Committee.


The 2.7 announcement of the proposed takeover was positively received by Government and the Opposition, with a direct programme of engagement providing the opportunity to address any concerns from political stakeholders.

Our meeting with the Defence Select Committee and BEIS Committee was also welcomed, and we were able to provide both Committees with the relevant information they needed both about the company and provide the reassurance around the future of the company in the UK.

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