Ensuring representation of the UK’s professional freeholders

Residential Freehold Association (RFA)


Amidst a UK-wide building safety crisis and an increased focus on leasehold reform in Whitehall, three of the UK’s largest professional freeholders worked with Pagefield to ensure their voices were heard by the Government.


After initial campaign successes and recognition across industry, we set up the Residential Freehold Association (RFA) – the first trade body of its kind to represent the UK’s professional freeholders. Alongside the creation of a strict code of practice, Pagefield supported the RFA in developing a continuous PR and Public Affairs programme to promote the benefits of a regulated leasehold sector, as well as creating a digital presence to outline the trade body’s values and key views on issues affecting the sector.


The RFA has quickly received recognition as a key trade body in the UK property sector, now with eight members representing over one million leasehold properties. The RFA has successfully engaged with the UK Government in proposing policy solutions and with Parliament in scrutinising the Government’s work. The RFA has also been published by a range of UK national newspapers and is extensively covered by the UK’s property trade media. By challenging misconceptions of freeholders and the leasehold system, this strategy has balanced the narrative around the debate on building safety and leasehold reform, while increasing awareness and understanding among leaseholders of their rights.

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